Hunting Shotguns

Side by Side

F.A.I.R.® is proud to introduce our new range of over-and-under hunting shotguns. Our guns are not just designed to look well, or to take account of fleeting market fads; they are the result of generations of expertise in the ancient gun-making region of Val Trompia. All F.A.I.R.® products are studied, tested and manufactured to meet and exceed hunters' expectations in terms of quality, reliability and accuracy. The quest for perfection, attention to detail, interchangeability of components: these are some of the pillars on which this new hunting line is based. Our products benefit from the latest industry technological advances, from innovative finishing techniques to new high-resistance materials. The new hunting line includes 6 models: PREMIER - SLX 600 - SLX 692 - XLIGHT® - SLX 800 - JUBILEE. Each hunter will certainly find the most appropriate shotgun for his needs and desires, from the solid PREMIER to the specialized GOOSE, SLUG and BATTUE models, from the extra-light XLIGHT® to the JUBILEE models, with their special design.

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